How To Unlock a Whirlpool Washer

Locking the door of a Whirlpool washing machine during operation is a safety measure to prevent the door from opening unexpectedly and injuring a person, as well as preventing water leaks from the machine. The door is locked by a special electronically controlled mechanism. After completion of the washing program, the lock should be automatically released. If this does not happen – there is a malfunction in the control system, which must be diagnosed and eliminated by checking or replacing individual components. This is why the instructions describe in detail the steps to be taken to find the causes of the door not opening and to eliminate them.

Try opening the door without disassembling the machine

If the door of the Whirlpool washing machine does not open after the end of the washing program, it is worth making a few attempts to open the door using simpler methods before disassembling the machine and removing parts:

  • Press and hold the “Control Lock” button on the machine panel for 3 seconds. This should release the lock.
  • If that doesn’t work – find and press the “End Cycle” button, if there is one, also for a few seconds. This will perform a forced program reset.
  • The next step is to completely disconnect the washer from electricity (by pulling the plug from the outlet). Wait at least 45 minutes before turning it back on.

These simple methods can help reset the door lock in many cases and avoid having to disassemble the machine to fix it. If they do not help, you will have to look for and fix an internal fault in the control system components.

Manual opening of the lock

If none of the previous methods helped to open the stuck Whirlpool washing machine door, you will have to resort to manual opening of the door lock. To do this, you need to:

  • Remove the lower decorative panel by snapping it away from the case with a screwdriver. This will give access to the inside.
  • Determine the location of the door lock itself and find a special drop-shaped latch on it.
  • Gently pull this latch down or sideways and hear a characteristic click – this means the lock is unlocked.
  • You can then try to open the door manually. If the lock has opened but the door still won’t open, the hinge mechanism may be stuck.

Thus, manual opening of the lock is the last chance to open the door without completely disassembling the washing machine. Next, you will need to find and replace the failed parts.

Possible breakdowns of parts that cause the door not to open:

  • The lid switch is a mechanical sensor responsible for locking the door during washing. If it fails, the door will not unlock.
  • Executive motor – responsible for starting the drum and spinning the laundry. If it fails, the washing program is not completed and the door remains locked.
  • Drain pump – pumps out the water after rinsing. If the pump malfunctions, the water is not pumped out, the machine cannot proceed to the door opening stage.
  • The main control board is the brain of the entire washing machine system. Its failure leads to malfunctions in all other components.


In conclusion, the Whirlpool washing machine door jamming problem can be caused by a number of malfunctions in the internal mechanisms and electronic components.

Before resorting to dismantling and replacing parts, you should try simpler ways to reset the door lock – through the control buttons or complete power off for a while.

If these methods fail, prepare to troubleshoot the specific problem, whether it’s the lid switch, motor, drain pump or main control board. It is possible that the assistance of a qualified technician will be required.

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