How to Fix LG Dryer Error Codes D80, D90, and D95

LG dryers are equipped with advanced safety features that help prevent breakdowns and malfunctions. One such feature is the display of special error codes when there are problems with the dryer venting.

The three most common error codes are D80, D90, and D95. They signal clogs in the dryer’s hot air exhaust system. If they are not addressed in a timely manner, they can cause the machine to overheat and even cause a fire.

Code Decoding

  • Error code D80 means that there is an 80% blockage in the ventilation system. That is, the air flow out of the dryer is blocked at approximately 80% of normal levels.
  • A D90 code signals a 90% clogging of the ventilation system. This indicates that the air flow out of the dryer is blocked almost completely – 90% compared to normal.
  • Error code D95 indicates a critical level of blockage – 95% of rated airflow. This degree of blockage of the dryer air outlet is very dangerous, as it can lead to overheating and fire.

Cause of These Errors

The occurrence of errors D80, D90 and D95 in LG dryers is caused by down and lint clogging in the ventilation system.

Fluff and lint settle inside the machine and in the air ducts. Over time, dense “felts” form, which block the air flow by 80%, 90% or 95%.

Because of this, the hot air outlet is disturbed, overheating protection is triggered, and error codes appear.

To remedy the situation, you must find and remove any blockages with down and lint in the dryer venting system.

How to fix error D80

  • Thoroughly clean any accumulated fluff and lint from the dryer filter.
  • Disconnect the vent hose from the back of the dryer and remove all fluff and lint buildup from it.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to clear any blockages from the wall vent and the outside vent.
  • After removing all blockages, the D80 error should disappear. If not, reset the error by turning the dryer off and on again.

How to fix error D90

  • Repeat all steps to fix error D80.
  • It is also recommended to check the entire ductwork with video inspection and remove any fluff/lint buildup found.
  • Once all blockages have been cleared, the D90 should disappear. If necessary, reset the error code by resetting the dryer.

How to fix the D95 error

  • Follow all the cleaning steps for D80 and D90.
  • Disassemble and thoroughly clean the dryer vent unit with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Be sure to check the entire ductwork with a video camera and clear any clogs found.
  • Removing the blocking fluff/vortex from all vent elements should clear the D95. Reboot the dryer if necessary.

If error codes persist after following all steps, contact an authorized LG service center.


So, we’ve figured out what the D80, D90, and D95 error codes mean that can occur in LG dryers. These errors indicate varying degrees of clogging in the ventilation system.

To fix the problem and restore normal operation of the dryer, it is necessary to find and thoroughly clean the filter, vent hose, wall ducts, and the outside vent from accumulated fluff and lint.

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