GE Dryer Not Starting? Here’s What to Do

Has your GE dryer stopped turning on? This step-by-step guide will walk you through diagnosing the most common issues preventing it from starting, like a faulty door switch or bad thermal fuse. We explain how to test each component, making it easy to pinpoint which affordable replacement part you need to get your dryer running again and save the cost of a service call. With some simple troubleshooting, you can fix your dryer yourself.

Step 1 – Reset your dryer

Resetting the dryer is the first simple step when it fails to start. The cause may be an electronic malfunction. A reset allows you to “reboot” the dryer – turn it off, wait a minute and turn it back on. This is often enough to fix the problem. If resetting doesn’t help, check the power supply. But before that, it’s definitely worth trying a reset – it takes a couple of minutes and may fix the situation.

Step 2 – Check the power supply

Checking the power supply is the second logical step if rebooting your dryer didn’t get it started. The fact is that the problem may lie in faulty wiring or insufficient power supply.

First, try plugging the machine into a different outlet – if it worked, it means the problem was in the old socket. If not – check the circuit breakers in the electrical panel, perhaps the circuit has tripped. Also make sure the dryer has a separate fuse: these machines require a lot of power. If necessary, hook up a separate line with a professional electrician. Finally, use a tester to make sure the right voltage is being supplied. That way, identify any possible problems with the “power part” of your dryer.

Step 3 – Check the start switch

The start switch is responsible for starting the heating elements of the dryer. If it is defective, the machine will not “know” it is time to turn on. Unplug the dryer and locate the switch. Unplug it and test it with a tester – see if current flows when you press the switch. If not, the switch is broken and needs to be replaced. Install a new one and try to start the dryer. If it does not start, continue the search according to the instructions.

Step 4 – Check the thermal fuse

The thermal fuse prevents the dryer from overheating – it cuts off the current if the temperature is too high. Disconnect and test it with a multimeter, checking for electrical contact between the terminals. If there is no contact – the fuse is blown, replace it. After installing the new one, try to start the car. If it does not start, proceed to check other parts according to the instructions until you find the fault.

Step 5 – Check the door switch

Checking the door switch is another important step in troubleshooting the problem preventing the GE dryer from starting. This switch makes sure that the machine cannot run with the door open. If it fails, the control unit will not “realize” that the door is closed and safely start the drum.

Locate the door switch and disconnect it. Use a multimeter to verify that with the door closed and the power button pressed, there is electrical current flowing through the switch. If not, it needs to be replaced. Then try to start the dryer again.

Step 6 – Check the timer

The timer is responsible for controlling the drying programs by setting the time and sequence of starting the heating elements. If the timer is defective, the control unit will no longer receive the activation signals. Locate and disconnect the timer. Test it with a tester for conduction of control signals by programs. If there are no signals, replace the timer. Then try to start the dryer again.

Step 7 – Test the drive motor

The problem may be in the drive motor responsible for turning the drum. To test the motor, disconnect the dryer and locate it according to the instructions. You will need the help of an experienced technician – it is necessary to correctly measure the current and rpm when switching on. Compare the readings with the stated parameters. If they are very different – the motor is broken, replace it. After installing the new one, try to start the machine again.

Step 8 – Check the drive belt

The drive belt links the rotation of the drum and motor in a GE dryer. Over time, it can break or slip, resulting in malfunction. Unplug and disassemble the machine to visually inspect the belt for damage and proper tension. If a breakage is found, replace the belt. After installing the new belt, try to start the dryer.

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